Conservative and Tea Party members of Congress just won't stop trying to defund, delay, and/or repeal Obamacare, even though the law passed both chambers of Congress, was signed into law by the President, and was upheld in the United States Supreme Court. In other words, all three branches of government have settled this law.

In their efforts to destroy Obamacare, these elected officials have wasted over $50 million in this charade, and they are gathering up their forces to begin another fight fight to defund, delay, and/or repeal the law.

They have been wasting America's time and financial resources in this effort since 2011.

It's time to tell them to stop.

This motley band of extremists has chosen to ignore the law and forge new paths of resistance that have not been forged before; namely, relentlessly wasting the time of elected officials, and tens of millions of tax payer dollars, to battle already settled law.

CBS’ Nancy Cordes reported Wednesday that Republicans’ many fruitless attempts at repealing the Affordable Care Act have taken up at least 80 hours of time on the House floor since 2010, amounting to two full work weeks. As the House, according to the Congressional Research Service, costs taxpayers $24 million a week to operate, those two weeks amounted to a total cost of approximately $48 million.

Various methods to destroy Obamacare by elected Republican officials include:

Defunding Obamacare While the President and People Aren't Looking:

Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and a slew of House members and Tea Party leaders will host a rally Tuesday to pressure leaders not to pay for healthcare reform in the next bill to fund the government....President Obama said Friday that he will make the case for military strikes in a public address on Tuesday, the same day backers of defunding ObamaCare are set to convene on the Capitol building's West Lawn.
Dismantling Segments of Obamacare
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) outlined the September and October legislative agenda in a memo that stressed an incremental approach to undoing the healthcare law.
     “As the Speaker outlined in July, the House will hold a series of strategic votes throughout the fall to dismantle, defund, and delay ObamaCare,” Cantor wrote.
“The coalition supporting ObamaCare cracks when forced to vote on the most unpopular aspects of the law,” he said.
Dangling the Debt Ceiling to Delay Obamacare
House Republicans are preparing to target President Barack Obama’s health-care law as the GOP and the White House head toward a showdown over raising the $16.7 trillion U.S. debt limit sometime this fall.
     National Review reported early Tuesday afternoon that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told Republicans that the House GOP will demand a one-year delay to the president’s signature health-care law in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.
Procedural Bullying Tactics
Under the plan, the House would vote on a “clean” continuing resolution that includes a separate House concurrent resolution defunding the Affordable Care Act, according to a Republican leadership aide. The rule governing debate on the bill would state that the House clerk could not send the spending bill over to the Senate until the Senate votes up or down on the resolution withholding funds from the healthcare law.
     If the Senate were to vote down the healthcare resolution, as expected, the CR would move to the upper chamber and could be passed and signed by President Obama without returning to the House.  
“It forces the Senate to vote on defund before they are allowed to vote on a CR,” a Republican leadership aide said. “It puts the onus back on Senate Democrats — that they are responsible for funding ObamaCare.” “The only way you oppose this is if you want the government to shutdown,” the aide said.   A second Republican leadership aide confirmed the details of the plan.
Implementation Delay Tactics
Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah is leading the charge for the defund ObamaCare movement. His plan is to block any government funding bill that includes funds for the implementation of Obamacare. Although a lot of the funding ObamaCare needs doesn't come through congress, enough of it does to make things messy. The "mess", Sen. Lee aims, will give conservatives leverage on the matter. Congress needs to pass a government funding bill by Sept. 30 or risk letting parts of the government shut down. In short the repeal ObamaCare movement is using this defund ObamaCare movement to hold up Congress as leverage against the bill.
Aren't these the same people who rail against "waste," "ineffeciency," "pork," and "graft" and who call themselves "serious," "responsible," and "good managers of money"?  How many children could we have helped with $50 million? How many first responders could we have employed? How many parks could we have reopened? How many teachers for our children could we have hired back? How many roads and bridges could we have fixed? How many other meaningful laws could we have passed with $50+ million dollars?

I ask you: what is the point of the sequester if over $50 million has been wasted on this impossible effort to derail Obamacare? It certainly doesn't wash with the Republican retort to "save money."  

Said elected officials are so obsessive in their quest to derail Obamacare, that they have refused to help their own constituents navigate the new healthcare system. While greater issues are at play (Why are these people still in office if they refuse to adhere to the law and help constituents? Can a class actions suit be brought?), the push to stop spending our money on fruitless--and ethically-challenged--tactics must come from us.

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