Good morning!

This is the weekly DKos Asheville open thread where we try to get together every Saturday morning around eleven, and then drift in and out throughout the day. We hope this group serves to reinvigorate us locally and regionally here on Daily Kos, building on the sense of community that's grown through our online engagement. DKos Asheville can give us all a better sense of connection, a better understanding of who these people are that we stand with, work with, and share with in the political process. We hope, through this community, that we can do a better job of leveraging our orange passion for progressive politics to help elect more and better Democrats.

If you would like to host a weekly open thread, please let us know.


If you haven't done so yet, please send your RSVP's and Maybe's for our October 19 meetup to Randall (randallt) so he can add them to the list in the "New Day" diaries.  And it's ok to go ahead and send him a Maybe, as you can always upgrade to RSVP once you get all that other stuff erased from your calendar.  We currently have 13 RSVP's and 8 Maybe's!

The meetup will once again be at The Bywater in Asheville.  This is an outdoor private club by the French Broad River.  There is an outdoor grill, and we will be bringing food to share, eat, and to serve as subjects for photography.  The first two meetups were wonderful events; so do please plan to come if you can.

And I should point out that folks from the extended area, not just us Western North Carolina residents, have been coming to these meetups.  So it's a good opportunity to meet a number of Kossacks whom you've been reading; and at the same time visit Asheville, maybe take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, or even spend some time hiking and enjoying the fall colors.  So do mark your calendars!

Well, I went by the new Harris Teeter store on Merrimon Ave. to see if that might be a good location for our voter registration events.  There were no covered area and no trees.  There was one vendor out front cooking meat.  I went inside and found the customer service desk, and asked what the  procedure was for getting permission to set up a table outside for registering voters; and I was told that I would have to contact the corporate office, and was given the web address for Harris Teeter to do so.

But before doing that, I wanted to ask you all for your opinion.  Personally, I did not come away from that visit thinking that would be a good location for us; and I would prefer to keep looking for the right place.  However, local elections are coming up soon, and it would be good if we could get started soon.

And again, we're looking at this project as a group activity; so we would like your input on this.  Kosmail us, or discuss in the comments.

Today looks to be an amazingly beautiful day here in the North Carolina mountains.  I hope you all have an enjoyable day.

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