You probably still remember that Steveningen presented a trial balloon diary for a weekly Gay Kos or LGBT Kos diary in the manner of Black Kos on Tuesday and Texas Matters on Monday. I remember that the response was positive too. Then we all got busy, and stuff interfered, and here, seven weeks later, we're still at Stage One. So when Steveningen offered me this time slot, I figured why not do a trial run of one of the features I wanted it to have?

So i started writing This Week on the Gay News Blogs. First I went to the Miami Herald where Steve Rothaus is managing the Gay South Florida blog. Nothing interesting this week. Rats. But there was a list of previous posts to the gay South Florida blog, one of which was by the always interesting Leonard Pitts. So I clicked on that, and found that The It Gets Better project now has a spinoff, the Not All Like That Christians Project. "Diary me," it said. So I'm diarying it.

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Leonard Pitts explains:

As Dan Savage tells it, it began years ago when he’d go on CNN or MSNBC to discuss LGBT issues opposite the likes of Tony Perkins. Perkins heads the Family Research Council, a leading purveyor of the fiction that homophobia and Christianity are synonymous and inextricable.

“And invariably, after I would have an argument with Tony Perkins,” says Savage, “I would get emails from Christians and calls reassuring me that, in these exact words, ‘We’re not all like that. We’re not all like Tony Perkins. We’re not all anti-gay, all of us Christians.’ And I would write them back and say, ‘I know you’re not all like that. My mom is a Christian. I have really great friends who are Christians. . .. You need to tell Tony Perkins you’re not all like that. He’s the one out there claiming to speak for all Christians. Get in his face. Don’t get in my face.’ ”

Savage, a gay blogger and author, coined an acronym for those people. He called them NALT — Not All Like That — Christians.

John Shore, a heterosexual author, blogger and Christian from San Diego who has known Savage for years, took that as a challenge. He and co-founders Evan Hurst and Wayne Besen went live last week with a new website, the NALT Christians Project. It’s modeled after a site Savage and his partner founded in 2010.

Most of you will remember Wayne Besen from his excellent website, Truthwinsout.com, which he and Evan Hurst direct. Those of us who write about LGBT issues mine that site for material.

(Remember how I said I was going to spend Friday doing my Monday and Wednesday prep and today doing my Tuesday and Thursday prep? That didn't happen. I spent Friday writing yesterday's history diary and my Tuesday All Things Bookstore diary and I'm writing this Saturday night, having graded one set of term paper proposals. Another week of high-wire acts.)

And it's a VERY nice website. Here's the mission statement:

The purpose of the NALT Christians Project is to give LGBT-affirming Christians a means of proclaiming to the world—and especially to young gay people—their belief and conviction that there is nothing anti-biblical or at all inherently sinful about being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.
Of COURSE! We know there are are more Christians who believe that than don't. A November 2012 survey conducted by Lifeway Research, a Southern baptist-affiliated firm, found that 37% of Americans said that homosexuality is a sin, down from 44% in September 2011. So that's progress.

So far, they have 76 videos up on YouTube. Just like the It Gets Better videos. Here, for example, is The Rev. Susan Russell, Senior Associate at All Saints Church, Pasadena. You remember All Saints Episcopal. This is the church Dubya sicced the IRS on for criticizing his wars from the pulpit.

It gets better! I hope this works.

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There were lots of great comments in my New Day diary today, but this one by pixxer brought tears to my eyes.
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in my Daily Bucket diary Grey Hairstreak Butterfly, FOYI, in a digression sub-thread concerning Crayola colors, surmised thusly.
From kmfmstar:
In Horace Boothroyd III's diary, Trayvon Martin bombshell, Joieau related her experience with the criminal justice system as regards autopsy reports. Extremely informative, and she deserves kudos for it.  I learned a lot and it cleared up what appear to be lies and cryptic remarks made by the ME.
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In lowkell's wonderfully restrained diary about the hard right turn the republicans just made in the Virginia gubernatorial race, sidnora tells the honest truth about the choice Virginians have.
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