Well, two weeks ago, I clipped all my hair off, after most of it was left ing my brush and comb over the previous 6 weeks. Yes, the hair loss was that fast for me, truthfully, it’s better than nausea. Other unpleasant effects over the last week has been the loss of appetite and a metallic taste. Tiredness is ever-present.

After this next course, I have three weeks of the taxol+herceptin course, which is followed by about six weeks of radiation+herceptin. THAT will be followed by simply the herceptin for the duration of chemo.

I've applied for SSDI/SSI as I am not working, even though I wanted to remain on the job(s), I was encouraged by both my family and one of my managers to take time for myself. I figured, I could take the opportunity to do some voice over work, and if any of you were at NN13 you saw my iPad rigs at the Netroots Radio table. While I was able to do quite of number of interviews and live broadcasting with two iPad minis, as my studio gear, mics, mixer, monitors may or may not be still at my old landlords in Jersey..

So I created an experiment: I set up a fundraising page to see if my friends/acquaintances/strangers I tweet with would help me raise the money to totally upgrade my studio from macbook to monitors. See, if I am denied my SSI/D, I will have to go back to work, and have to ask for time off for chemotherapy, breaks so I'm not on my feet all day (torn right meniscus that won't get fixed till October or November when my chemotherapy regimen changes), then the PT for the knee.

I'd be better off asking for bail money. HA!!!

So, here are a few pix from my DC Adventure this past weekend:

People Power: Syrians and Lebanese Americans
Teabaggers not very actively protesting potential involvement in Syria
WWII Memorial service for a Veteran
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