This isn't a diary, it's just an attempt to find others who are as blown away, frustrated, irritated, sad - name your emotion - as I am after tonight's episode of the trials and travails of Walter White and Company.

       I really haven't processed it all yet but my initial reaction is a desire to shake Vince Gilligan and scream "what were you thinking, how can you  leave us like this tonight?"  Then I know at some point I'll just want to hug and thank him for five seasons of the best TV ever.  Ah, conflicted emotion.

       Reactions to tonight's murder of Hank, Walt's telephone rant at Skyler, Junior's devastation, Jesse battered, beaten and hopeless,  baby in the Fire Truck?  Predictions for the final two  episodes when all these wonderful characters we've come to love and hate over five years will leave us forever?   Hold my hand.  Please.  

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