For the better part of six years, the wingnut fringe has been trying to claim that Obama isn't really a Christian.  But just when it was settled that they think he's a radical Muslim, now comes a new canard--he's a pagan.  At least, that's what Liberty Counsel would have you believe.

On today's edition of Liberty Counsel's daily radio program, "Faith and Freedom," Mat Staver and Matt Barber claimed that the Alabama Air National Guard ixnayed a tour by a church youth group solely because of their religious beliefs.  There is nada, zero, zip evidence this ever happened.  Not in the reality-based media, that is.  The only other report of this supposed incident comes from Gordon Klingenschmitt, the disgraced former Navy chaplain who thinks that Christian photographers ought to write anti-gay Scriptures on the wedding pictures from LGBT weddings.

But of course, facts never got in the way of a religious right handwringing session.  Barber then claimed this was evidence the White House was infused by "a pagan worldview."  Watch for yourself--and pile up the dislikes.

Barber claimed that Obama is no different from a Roman emperor in that he demands we worship the false god of progressivism.  He also railed against the apparent embrace of "pagan sexual morality."

So if we're to believe Barber and Staver, we're no longer led by a radical Kenyan socialist Mooslim.  Nope, we're led by a radical socialist pagan.  Oh, the humanity!

(h/t to People for the American Way)

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