if the republicans shut down the government i say we give them an appropiate resposne
pass bills that block the blue state funds from going to red states. Everyone knows their states are held up on stilts by ours. Everyone who knows a thing about national politics that is

in fact let’s hold their feet to the fire, let’s tell them if they don’t competely remove the debt ceiling so there’s none at all and fund  the affordable care act we’re going to.

Take away their primary bludgeon.

Let's End this. Once and for all. With NO Fiscal ceiling and the affordable care act funded the party wouldn't even be able to hold the Purse string threats against us again.

No debt ceiling fights anymore, nothing.

 They'll be impotent castrated animals after that, unable to hold us hostage again.

while you're at it READ This:


Originally posted to daeros on Wed Sep 18, 2013 at 04:01 AM PDT.

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