Potential contamination from Colorado gas and oil wells, lines and tanks is being covered by al Jazeera. We should soon see how US media compares.

Sorry to post and run, but I wanted to get this out there. I'm no expert and no local, so I wouldn't have much to add anyway. But this is some serious shit.

Report: Ruptured pipeline, gas leaks, oil spills in Colorado floods

"Weld County, where the South Platt River has been flooding uncontrollably, has almost 20,000 active oil and gas wells," Gary Wockner, Colorado program director for Clean Water Action, told Al Jazeera.

"It's the most heavily drilled county in the U.S., and its seeing some of the worst flooding," he added. "Oil and gas and chemicals associated with drilling are going to be spread across a wide swath of landscape."


There are hundreds of active oil and gas wells built in the South Platte River flood plains alone that are at risk of contaminating the flood waters. Already, there have been reports of a ruptured natural gas pipeline and overflowing crude oil wells.


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