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Pamena has taken the initiative to set up an in-world memorial service for Flint. I'll let her give you the details:

Memorial for Flint:

I took it upon myself to go ahead and organize this, which I hope will be OK with everyone -
Sat night 9/21, 8:30PM, gather at Shrine of Fellowship - that's the spot, up high, not too far from the Horde entry village in Jade Forest, where the opening cinematic for MOP was set. Coords 34.21, 34.20. We will gather there, as many of us as want to, have a minute or so in silence (in guild chat as well for those not at the memorial) while we walk (not run) in silence over the bridge to a stone circle, where we can stand or kneel, as people want, while we can share some memories and thoughts of Flint in vent. Dkosmama will lead it off.

Attendance is not mandatory, but I hope those who knew and played with Flint will be there to pay their respects to a good man gone far too soon.

Yeah, I know, Talk Like a Pirate Day, but I'm not feelin' it.

Here's Ninotchka with the Team Kaels and Flex Raid reports:

I ran a flex raid with 25 guildies again this past Tuesday night, and we had some good success. We killed the first two bosses quite efficiently, killed the third boss thoroughly, then went in and took two learning pulls on the fourth boss before Team Kaels had to leave for our regularly scheduled raid. I understand that a bunch of people went on into LFR. There's another LFR run scheduled on Saturday. I've had some people express interest in doing the second flex wing sometime, but I'm not sure if I want to run the second wing before we finish the first.

So I want the opinions of the flex raiding group - do we want to keep on killing the Sha of Pride next week, or skip ahead to Galakras?

Team Kaels has finished the first wing in normal mode. We went into the Sha of Pride encounter last night full of bad jokes and general silliness. Once I got the taunting down and stopped blowing up Ashblade the encounter got a lot better. Positioning is important in this one, and ignoring innuendo is a critical skill. Honestly, Blizzard has to have deliberately done this. Boss abilities "Swelling Pride" and "Bursting Pride"? Really? We've started to learn the Galakras encounter, and we finally feel like we're besieging a city.

And here's Pamena with the Team RubiPam and Saturday Night Massacre report:
Team RubiPam report:

Team RP not so much stormed as stumbled into Siege of Orgrimmar last Thursday night, but we did manage to kill Immersius after some miscues and wipes. We tackled Protectors on Monday with Vanillapie very ably substituting for Mageartin (something about football, mumble, mumble), but we could not get the mechanics down properly. So tonight, we'll go back for a fresh start and loots off of Immersius and see if we can't get him down faster so we have time to tackle Protectors again.

Saturday Night Massacre Report

Saturday night, we attempted a guild flex raid aimed mainly at those who weren't able to come on Tuesday to Nina's first flex raid, and it was a very mixed success. Lessons learned: Our alts are not really ready for flex raiding. We got Immersius down finally, but Protectors was kind of a mess. SO, for now, I am returning SNM to mainly LFR, and possibly world bosses again if people still want to run Nalak, although I am not sure why since Timeless Isle is giving better gear out now. SO, this Saturday, we'll do a guild LFR following the memorial for Flint.

And finally, the Team Z report from Tvath:
Finally done with bugs, Team Z happily left the Heart of Fear behind them to tackle the Terrace of Eternal Spring. We are all gearing up on the Isle of Loot, I mean Timeless Isle, and are quite overgeared for these fights, but it was nonetheless fun to down two bosses in one night!

The Protectors of the Endless were dead easy and we got them on the first pull! Well, second, but the first one didn't count. Tsulong was a little trickier, but we got the rhythm down after a couple of tries and away he went, killing only half the raid or so on his way out.

We fumbled a bit with some trash before resorting to, you know, looking it up, then tackled Lei Shi, aka The Most Annoying Boss in WoW, who has a high squeaky voice that makes me want to KILL KILL KILL. Which, of course, is the point! Alas, around then Gingerbeer started having computer issues and we had to call it a night. Special thanks to Mageartin of Team RubiPam, who stepped up when we needed at last-minute substitute!

Next week team member Nztorg is getting married, and we hope to present him with the bodies of a couple more bosses as a gift!

And that's all I have for this week. For the Horde!
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