In this country, we have hypocrites, and then we have hypocrites par excellence.  Indiana's Third Congressional District Representative, Marlin Stutzman, is a hypocrite of the par excellence class.  Stutzman takes the cake - or should I say the federal dollars from the farm cash subsidy program all the while crusading to cut food stamps.

Stutzman's zeal in splitting the food stamp program (SNAP) from the farm subsidy program is only matched by his fanatical efforts to defund and destroy Obamacare.  His efforts to split the Farm Bill into a food stamp program and a farm subsidy program were successful.  Thus, the recent slashing of $39 billion in food stamps over 10 years was done without touching the subsidy program.

The farm subsidy program, which comprises about 20% of the now-separated Farm Bill, and which benefits Stutzman, has yet to garner serious attention from the Republicans.  And, with its reduction to secondary status, don't look for the Republicans in the House to even touch it.  
Farm subsidies are, after all, Stutzman's bailiwick.  He inhales and puffs his chest out and criticizes government handouts, and, in the next breath of exhalation, holds his hand out for the cash share of farm subsidies that are handed out on a routine basis.

Since 1995, Stutzman and his father and their "family" farming operation have raked in $1.2 million - not bad for a representative who - other than for photo ops - has not hiked his rear end onto a tractor seat for years. And, really not bad for a zealot who, on one hand, yanks food from the mouths of struggling families with one hand but stoops low enough to feed at the government trough of farm subsidies - from the very government he so loathes.


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