"I like ... my hair."

"I have pretty ... eyes."

Two of the most common features people who are overweight choose as their best. Now that I've slimmed down, I realize I did this, too. I also realize I have features re-emerging from the fat encasing me that I enjoy seeing. I love rediscovering my bones.

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Don't get me wrong. I knew I had bones, but they were far less prominent. When I'd lost weight in the past, even once in college when I spent a whole summer bike riding and wasn't overweight at the time, I "found" my rib cage again and loved it.

Now the hollow of my throat has come back. Hello hollow!

Anniversary Present 2 by *Windthin on deviantART

And I have collarbones.

Anniversary Present 8 by *Windthin on deviantART

I don't have good pictures of them, but my wrists are also re-emerging and look strong. And even though they're bonier and smaller than they used to be, my birds love perching on my shoulders still.

Also, it's fall! Good food season, good low-fat foods season. Are you enjoying the seasonal squashes, apples, potatoes, and so on? In addition to lemondrop melons, I'm snacking on apples, sweet potatoes, and a host of squash I've never heard of before.

138 for the past few days. Let us know how you're doing!

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