Anyone that thinks otherwise is sorely misled.

Look at everything they have done since St. Ronnie it all points to taking the power away from the voters. If not voting power through intentionally misleading voters in key races. It is stealing pensions. If not making it harder to find gainful employment. They are doing only one thing. Concentrating power into a handful of American and not American companies. Driving wages down through arcane work requirements that do not take into account the current economic situation. How many have the time to sort through the media veil to determine the lies being fed the public when so many work until exhausted only to have what snippets of rest they can get interrupted by bill collectors trying to bleed the turnips American workers have become.

Wages are down, way down. So what do they do? Insist those not making a living take any work available. That means unsafe work conditions and sexual harassment have to be ignored in order to keep oneself and ones children fed. Lest you be cut off from the insulting pittance they call welfare and food stamps.

Also by stealing the pensions through making them part of the rigged stock market that means older workers are competing for the same jobs because they too enjoy the luxury of a roof over ones head and food on a daily basis. Driving down wages even more.

And for recent college graduates with student loans they will never afford to pay off in their lifetime-internships, unpaid of course, to gain "experience". So they get all the expenses of working a full time job and conveniently, although illegal, making tremendous profits for their "employer". They too drive down wages.

So we have millions too exhausted trying to survive to vote properly and even if they do we have a stacked Supreme Court glad to not only facilitate a Judicial Coup but allow anyone with an agenda, no matter the nationality, with the cash to do so to buy our politicians off. In secret, of course.

In short I have determined only one outcome drives the Republican plan. Civil unrest. If you look at every thing they have done since the 1980's it only makes sense if civil unrest is the goal.

They are literally wanting to drive us to riot and that will not only make profits soar, it will allow for a radical change in our political system, the economic change is already in full swing.

So what can we do about it?

Petitions are ignored.

Occupying was brutally repressed.

What we can do is what our original founders decided was going to be the best way to run this nation. Step up and run for office. Take the power away from the millionaires club we call Congress.

Originally posted to Income Inequality Kos on Fri Sep 20, 2013 at 12:59 PM PDT.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions.

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