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The Unstupiding Of a House, Parte the Sixty Third

You know, one of the things I learned in the Vietnam War was how to ignore stupid things. yep, its part of war, looking at stuff and saying That CAN'T be real. Its also part of looking at my house.  One of the things that was noticeably stupid about this house was the barn ridge as in there wasn't one.
Exhibit A: the non existent barn ridge. See how one side of the roof overlaps the other? I mean the stupid way it does? With no ridge?
I stared at this for 8 years, ignoring it and hating the person who did it. It was one of those things that looked so stupid I always thought that CAN'T be real. Finally I could stand it no longer. I had to Do The Right Thing.
I had power shears from redoing the roof on my garage 2 years ago so I finally got to work. I ordered some ridge pieces and brought them home
 photo P1010342_zps93ba3725.jpg
I cut off the old stupid and installed a new ridge piece. This took about an hour to do and after all those years of sitting there looking at it and hating.
 photo P1010345_zps9694e720.jpg
I learned a lot about metal roofs when I did my garage, enough I feel confident working on them now.
 photo P1010347_zps34a2f525.jpg
Ahh, Satori at last. Nothing like sitting there in the golf cart admiring your work after the job is done
 photo P1010350_zpsd2c1e468.jpg

Ok the other notable thing I did since I last communicated with you was roll this big ass old stump out of my driveway where it had sat for 4 years since the 3 big trees in our yard were cut down.
 photo P1010353_zpsdb97b8b8.jpg

I love having my own tractor, it solves a lot of problems. This is a real boy toy.  RUUUUMMMM!  RUUUUMMMM!  RUUUMMMMM!
 photo P1010354_zpsd85e50e4.jpg

Ok so thats some of what I've been doing these past weeks.  What are you working on?

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