First things first. Well formed tags facilitate two purposes.



I have taken a look at nearly every tag followed by ten kogs or used four hundred times.

For nearly two weeks I have taken a look at the tags of every recent diary. You would not believe some of them. I am not claiming that I have read every diary and in the vast majority of the cases I scrolled through them to the tags and the Tip Jar.

Some basic rules regarding best practice for tagging.

Add new tags. The useless ones are not hurting anyone

Do not use the taggee's title unless he is the Pope
. Senator Udall might refer to three senators from a distinguished family. First name, second name. When I have a question regarding nicknames of the famous I use the en.wiki as my style guide. Jimmy Carter is an excellent example.

If the taggee requires a middle initial the proper form is:

George space H. space W. space Bush

Election diaries pose problems.

My guess is that useful tags in election diaries will consist of several short tags rather than complicated ones.

Election, Primary, 2013, NYC-Mayor
Is probably more useful than tag salad surprise.

Please note that New York City and Washington DC are cities and that Washington and New York are states.

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