The Radical Republicans' shrill predictions that the Affordable Care Act's implementation will usher in a societal collapse and the Apocalypse reached a crescendo in the US Senate this afternoon. Led by Ted Cruz as their General the Radical troops as they charge int the breach.  


                                     The Charge of the Light Brigade
                              Alfred, Lord Tennyson

                                     "Forward, the Light Brigade!"
                                      Was there a man dismay'd?
                                      Not tho' the soldier knew
                                      Someone had blunder'd:
                                      Theirs not to make reply,
                                      Theirs not to reason why,
                                      Theirs but to do and die:
                                      Into the valley of Death
                                       Rode the six hundred.

Analysis: Republicans in a Risky Fight With Obama

By DAVID ESPO AP Special Correspondent

To minimize the damage, the party must re-define victory as something less than a full defunding of the three-year-old health care law, yet persuade the most conservative GOP supporters that Republican lawmakers succumbed after a principled fight. All without triggering a government shutdown or a default by the Treasury, or otherwise offending independents whose ballots will settle the 2014 elections.

Already, party leaders are making that effort. "I just don't happen to think filibustering a bill that defunds Obamacare is the best route to defunding Obamacare," Sen. Mitch McConnell said archly Tuesday. "All it does is shut down the government and keep Obamacare funded."

Thee Republican Radicals are seeking to profoundly change the way our Federal Government functions, or more accurately the amplify the way our Federal Government dysfunctions.  The Radical Republicans only care about pleasing their extreame base, no matter how unpopular or how aberrant their "Kamikaze mission" is.

As a result, Democratic leaders employ rhetoric designed to raise questions about the mental health of some members of the Republican rank and file, if not their intelligence. Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada routinely refers to them as tea party "anarchists." Sen. Chuck Schumer if New York says they have embarked on an "insane plan." New York Rep. Steve Israel, who heads the House Democratic campaign committee, says Republicans have launched a "kamikaze mission to shut down the U.S. government and our economy."

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