The house attempt to defund the ACA, for all of its political posturing, isn't going to happen.

What it IS going to do is allow centrist democrats to go along with the DEEP and painful cuts to social programs contained within the current Continuing Resolution without a fight.

No one is talking about these tremendous, destructive and economically destabilizing efforts by the tea party wing of the republican party.  THIS is the REAL strategy game of the Heritage Foundation, as it has been all along.

No one in the media is really talking about these things:

1.  http://articles.chicagotribune.com/...  

House approves bill with deep food stamp spending cuts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Republican-run House of Representatives voted to cut spending on food stamps for the poor by $40 billion over 10 years on Thursday, defying a veto threat from the White House in the name of fiscal reform.

--Food stamps are the best Keynesian stimulus program that we have, all of that money goes directly back into the economy each week with significant multiplier effects.

other issues that the GOP are gunning for:

Keystone Pipeline

Block Grants for Social Services

Net Neutrality

and, of course

Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Removing EPA protections on fly ash

Changing Civil Service Retirement programs

House Republicans are considering demanding Medicare and other budget savings, reining in the Obama administration's environmental agenda including greenhouse gas restrictions, and other proposals as the price for extending the government's ability to borrow money, GOP lawmakers and aides said Friday.

Republicans said that during closed-door discussions this week about what to include in upcoming legislation renewing federal borrowing authority, options have included blocking administration plans to curb coal ash pollution; forcing civil servants to contribute more to their retirement plans; and requiring Congress to approve many major regulations.


 These are all being sorted out in private negotiations:

GOP lawmakers and aides say that what to put in the legislation has been discussed in private meetings.

Options include raising premiums for higher-income Medicare recipients, forcing construction of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline, and blocking curbs on coal ash that the administration has proposed.

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