I have written over 120 posts in other places. One time I had to look at my DD214 to remind myself what medals I won. Here You would think I am running for sheriff or dogcatcher or something. I simply write a true story about my 31year old son name Brian who is a type 1 diabetic. I am a liar, I guess so I told him he really had  no use for the Humalog insulin he asked me to pick up for him. His knee never was broken. After
reading the story I wrote and the comment calling me a liar, he mentioned that the Doctor  actually mentioned the blood sugar and the nurse said the night crew never read the chartsaying he was a Diabetic. The nurse then said after breakfast he would get his shot. The doctor had moved on. The nurse seemed untrained or uncaring as did the Doctor. Had my son had breakfast BEFORE taking the shot, serious things or Death could have happened.
Other patients received much better treatment.
The Affordable Care Acthas enough positive features in it that I don't need to lie about it. I love writing in a place where readers call me on anything I write. I write about nutrition, weight loss and subjects that need research. I get angry when a reader calls me on a member of my family. I will debate Diabetes with anyone. I have had 21 years experience dealing with it.
A doctor told me he has seen blood sugars as high as 1200. They lived. My son was wild when he was a teenager and the medics knew me on a first name basis. I was told many times he had a blood sugar so low the machine they had just said low.
I have tons of information on Diabetes should you want some.
Got leave now, my invisible son and I are going to the movies.

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