The Dream Defenders plan to revisit Tallahassee today, Monday, September 23.

Tallahassee: After our Mass Training in the Capitol on Monday at noon, we'll be having a Legislative Power Hour at the Midtown Filling Station for networking, drinks and fun.

If you are in the area, show them some love.

In response to the Dream Defenders taking over the Governor's office for 31 days, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have drafted new proposals that would prevent any such occurrence in the future.

"Proposed policy change could end Capitol occupations"

Overnight stays, food without permits would be prohibited.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey has recommended changes to security at the Capitol that would prohibit future protests like the 31-day occupation of the building earlier this summer.

So, they are capable of moving with alacrity to fix perceived wrongs.
Especially if it has to with criminalizing young black and brown people.

Dream Defenders are on this case:

Another case of an African American denied protection under the racist SYG Law. And in Florida to boot. Y'all remember the case ofMarissa Alexander? The terrified mother who shot in the ceiling to ward off her abusive husband? She who is now serving 20 yrs in prison? Well, Michael Giles, a military veteran, was sentenced and is now serving 25 yrs in prison for shooting his attacker in the leg.
Michael’s attacker admitted he was angry that someone had interrupted his dance, and wanted to hurt the next person he saw. That next person standing to the side, not partaking in the violence, was Michael. His attacker was not fighting alone, state witnesses testified that there were between 30-40 people involved in the brawl. The state’s own witnesses also testified that the aggressor instigated several other fights that night, and was acting erratically and violently. His attacker’s own friend testified she was worried the aggressor would kill or seriously injure someone. In comparison, state witnesses testified that Michael, was calmly standing to the side, and did nothing to provoke the attack.
Despite all of that, Michael was denied protection under the SYG law and sent off to languish in prison for next 25 years. And Zimmerman is free.

If you believe an injustice has been committed against this young man who has served his country well, please sign this petition.
Of special note, both Michael's parents are veterans. That should count for something, wouldn't you think?

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