This is war! I reminded a dear Republican friend of mine that the Health Bill passed in 2010. I went on to say we had an election in 2012. Where it was promised the first day of his new term, Mr. "Money Man" would abolish the health plan. I seem to remember
he lost. I was told the Supreme Court would throw out the plan and that would be that. Guess what? The plan is still here. In some states leaders with very high levels of un-insured are making it impossible to help folks get on a plan. The Republican leaders would rather see the citizens of their states suffer than have a plan offered by our President. That is cruel. My Republican friend said many in this Country don't like this plan and don't like being dragged into it. I said "I would not want to upset anyone, lets just not let the poor or un-insured get helped!" " Let the poor get sick and die! My friend asked if I had taken my medication. I was getting upset. In Washington State, a poll found that 80% of the Democrats asked liked the Health plans,and 80% Republicans
did not like the plans.
It"s time to tell the Republicans we know they lost this fight. They are being mean and cruel to keep playing these childish acts. Congress is very expensive for the taxpayer. Don"t you want your roads fixed? Bridges? Education? Should people be allowed to stay here that came as babies?
Veterans are killing themselves at the rate of 23 a day. If a  troubled Veteran needs to see a care giver, he or she may wait months. I have Parkinson" s my Doctors tell me Agent Orange caused it and it will be over a year before I may hear something about paying for  needs I may have. I really don"t care any more.
If you know a Republican,tell them to write their representative in Congress and to focus on other things. How many years to we have to keep fighting the Health Bill?

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