Maybe we need to send republicans replicas of pitchforks and torches if the government shuts down.  We could say next time we will meet you with real ones .  Maybe we should wear them as a substiute for flag pins.  

Of course when Coburn turns on Cruz, then we certainly have a huge problem with the crazy.   Of course Cruz THINKS he can run for president but being born in Canada and a Father who claims to hear from God regularly that Ted has been chosen for greatness , despite that this same Dad worked for the communist under Fidel Castro in Cuba bordelines on schizephrenia.   From wikepedia.below may explain some of Ted's genes and mental thinking ....talk about mixed messages !  Why does God only speak to Texas aspiring politicans or family members.  Of course there are exceptions.  He speaks to all the tea party crowd like Bachman.   We know Sara and Katherine Harris all thought they were Esther  from the bible.  Silly me.. I always felt God spoke to me but I am neither in Texas or running for office. I am not sure it is God they are claiming to hear..God really does not like this kind of confusion and pettiness.

Cruz's father, who was born in 1939 in Matanzas, Cuba] "suffered beatings and imprisonment for protesting the oppressive regime] of dictator Fulgencio Batista and fought for communist revolutionary Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution
The Wikepedia went on to say that ...
when he was 14 years old but "didn't know Castro was a Communist" and a few years later became a staunch critic of Castro when "the rebel leader took control and began seizing private property and suppressing dissent
Now let me get this straight.. He did not know he was a communist but fought anyway and it was OK to take land until he was about to lose his.... Wow. That is how I read it.
 OK for thee not for me.  

Of course we know  Cruz worked on the Bush Florida debacle and was a Harvard scholar that was referred to as a genius by Alan M. Dershowitz  Zimmerman defender).  What does this say about just how dysfunctional and nuts are some of this tea party crowd?

Cruz has a backer..Yes he does.   One, Sara Palin who is breaking the back of the GOP almost single handed regarding old Ted.  

Joan has been diaring this shutdown possiblity all day and it is a very big possibility.  He can filibuster until the clock runs out.  

I have thought that now the crazier than crazy of the country haters in the tea party and  more out of touch than just the normal republicans, they obviously cannot understand what they read or count to 60.   This disconnect of outrage gave me an idea that we  could start wearing pitchforks and torch pins and send a few to show our outrage.  Of oourse I cannot find such a pin on craigslist or any other kind of prototype..so maybe it is time some of our more creative folks design this piece of accessory.  

 We may only have pitchforks and torches to sell when some of us do not get that 1st of the month check.. Dang...too late to sell or send.. I should have designed the pitchforks and torches when this nut got elected.

Did I mention the Republicans are tearing each other apart over this prophet of greatness?
They are afraid he is not on Cruz Control but rather out of control.  Welcome to our world republicans.. YOU have all been out of control for a very long time fighting this president and common sense.  This is what happens when people elect grifters and so called prophets who act like 5 year olds in what is supposed to be a high profile position for the people.  We got kindegarten mixed in with Jr. High republicans and they are fighting over the toy hammer intended  to bash the president.

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