Throughout our daily working lives we have all at some time been involved in a project of methodology we don't think will work. We may have even voiced our concerns before it was implemented, but how many of us have actively gone out of our way to make it fail?

In general our cultural background we try and make it work and if it needs tweaking we propose viable alternatives. We try and be positive, and this attitude has made American corporations some the most successful on earth. In the work place we frown at negativity, if we don't like something we at least try and propose an alternative. However, once a decision has been made we at least give it a shot. As a small business owner I have made some laughable mistakes, even after being forewarned, however even then we at least tried to salvage something from the mess.

Perfection in what we do is a pretty rare commodity, and I have seen many projects do a complete 180 degree shift from the original concept during its implementation phase and still be successful in the end. It is how we get things done, if we didn't, we would just stack up failures one after the other. Of course we could just give up, take our ball back, and go cry in a corner.


We do that?

That is a new one on me.

This is however how the Republican party as a whole is behaving, rather than taking a bad piece of legislation [they think it is] and trying to adapt it so that it has at least a chance of working they throw a temper tantrum. How many of us would put up with that type of shit at home or at work?

Not only do they try and throw a spanner in the works of the project at hand, they threaten the functioning of the whole system. Imagine how that would be received in your place of work [and congress is theit place of work]? I don't like this project. so I'll menace the whole company! Gosh, I can feel the win from here.

This whole hostage taking fiasco over one piece of legislation [Affordable care act] is so atypical of our daily behavior as to be repulsive we are reduced to labeling it politics.

The MSM rather than calling it the action of saboteurs call it party politics; as if this somehow justifies the destructive hysterics from one side of the isle.

It was voted upon, it became law, at least try and make it work as well as possible, change it where it doesn't work. That is how we do things in real life, I would even say that is a fundamental characteristic of who we are, and why we have been so successful as a nation. We rejected authoritarians long ago, we even warred between ourselves when equality and human rights were denied. We have however whatever the circumstances, whatever our personal beliefs tried to make individual projects work so that we can move on to the next. We negotiate, we compromise, with our loved ones, with our colleagues, with our neighbors, it is how we get on; and in general the bomb throwers are rejected one way or another.

I cannot believe we have reached the point where a political party can be rewarded for taking hostages and threatening our well-being over one issue without at least trying to make it work.

Personally, I find this behavior contemptible and heaven knows my opinion of the ACA is not one of unmitigated admiration, it goes from mere politics to my fundamental viewpoint of life.

Goddammit, at least try and make it work, suggest some viable modifications, try to improve it but, please don't just sit there throwing shit at the walls.

You know you can keep screaming, 47[?] times so far, keep threatening to bring the economy down every time you feel neglected, but there comes a point where this crass comportment wears thin. If only you would propose something positive in the light of reality that this new system is in fact the law and also contains so many ideas that were originally Republican Party property.

Grow up, take responsibility, and at least give it a reasonable chance of working for the millions of Americans that need affordable insurance, if there are cases where they cannot afford it still, adapt the law to cover them as well.

I suggest they look at the polls to see just how popular this thuggish behavior is viewed by Americans in general.

Our corporate MSM could also do with a firm injection of reality, this is not a game. Imagine if their own workers behaved in the same way, oh the shower of pink slips that would follow.

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