My wife has caught up to where I was with the show a couple of years ago when I quit watching.  After the second episode of the second season, which ended with a hunting accident and me turning off the tv while declaring 'oh, yeah, no, that does it for me. no more. no more.'  

I had already been having nightmares.  I wasn't afraid of zombies in my dreams.  I was afraid of how brutally violent I was killing them in my dreams.  I wasn't sadistic.  It was only always self defense.  It's just that I was so instantly creatively efficiently calculating about it.  

I get the idea that some people find a zombie apocalypse appealing... in the sense that it would be adventurous.  No more boring daily grind in life.  Seeing what you're made of in a survival scenario.  And I'm sure that there's a bit of a thrill at the idea of being a warrior.

But I don't feel that way about it at all.  It all just seems terrible to me.  I'm horrified by the idea of surviving any kind of an apocalypse.  I grew up being told at church that the end times were imminent.  I grew up afraid of the Cold War heating up into a nuclear war.  The thought of the fall of civilization is scary to me.  

So, the show, which is just phenomenal by the way, depresses me.  I'm just waiting for characters to die and watching them suffer more and more until they do.  But my wife likes it, so, here I go with the rest of the series.  I just hope that someone I care about makes it to the end of the series.  

At least it's not The Road.  That movie made me feel despair for a few days after I watched it.  It actually sucked the joy out of life for me.  At least The Walking Dead feels like a fantasy.  The Road felt TOO real.

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