Screenshot: 'Stand with Rand PAC' homepage featuring pictures of Rand Paul, text about Rand Paul
The group's homepage. Yup, seems legit.
They really don't even care anymore. Upon receiving word that FEC rules preclude naming your PAC with reference to a particular candidate, the already-sketchyish "Stand with Rand PAC" responded to the FEC by saying oh, no no no, they're not named after that Rand.
In a letter to the Federal Election Commission, the independent political committee today cheekily dismissed regulators' assertion that it can't use the name of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., in its title unless the candidate himself formally authorizes it.

"This Committee ... is unaware that the late Ayn Rand, noted philosopher and author and of Atlas Shrugged, is seeking election to federal office," Stand with Rand PAC wrote.

The implausibility of the argument is not lost on anyone, not that the PAC's spokespersons give a particular damn. On their website, mention of Ayn Rand is nonexistant. The homepage is devoted entirely to Rand Paul, including pictures of Rand Paul, a t-shirt featuring the silhouette of Rand Paul, and the touching history of how their PAC was formed in the wake of Rand Paul giving a speech one day.
Welcome to the official page for the Stand With Rand Political Action Committee (PAC).

On March 6, 2013, Senator Rand Paul took the rare step of filibustering President Obama's pick for CIA Director.  For 13 hours, Senator Paul literally stood up for American citizens' rights to due process as granted by the Bill of Rights.

This PAC was formed in March 2013 to support candidates like Rand Paul who stand up for the Constitution and, more specifically, the Bill of Rights.

It also features a large screenshot of a Center for Public Integrity article on the new group, an article that specifically says of Stand With Rand PAC, "the name for which salutes Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky."

(I'm reminded here of an old Martin Short character on Saturday Night Live, the profusely sweating executive being interviewed by 60 Minutes guy. What an odd memory.)

Asked how his Ayn Rand argument squares with federal law, Stand With Rand PAC treasurer Dan Backer, who also keeps the Stop Pelosi PAC's books, replied, "You’re saying Rand Paul doesn’t stand with Ayn Rand?"
You know what? Let's give him that one. I have no doubt that Rand Paul supports every bitter inch of Ayn, from the vitriolic atheism to the unapologetic adultery to the collecting government welfare checks while writing books condemning the government for giving societal leeches like her welfare checks. That's our Rand Paul, the adulterous anti-God welfare queen. Stand proud, Rand.

In other news, I'm not sure there's any notable punishment for lying outright to the FEC. Presumably not. They must be confident of that themselves, but the Center for Public Integrity reports the PAC has apparently raised a total of only $200 during the first few months of their existence—so top-notch legal representation on these matters would appear to be well out of their price range.

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