Why do the Tea Party Villagers always get to rule the Congressional roost?

Why is it their angst and confusion, which always sets the debates of the day, after Do-nothing day?

Here's a writer that has some choice advice for the Villagers of the stale Tea variety ...

What Tea Party Voters Don't Understand

by Mark Salter, realclearpolitics.com -- Sep 24, 2013

Tea Party voters are a pretty self-assured lot. They're 100 percent certain that if they stand by conservative principles (as they define them), scorning any compromises, a minority can rule the world.

They're also pretty good at discerning apostates. They're the keepers of the one true conservative faith. Anyone who deviates a hair from their prescribed policies -- or even expresses qualms about their political tactics -- is a traitor and a squish, which covers all but a few Republicans in Washington.

Those exceptional few are the only politicians they listen to, as they generally prefer the advice of talk radio hosts who don’t have a responsibility to govern, only to make money for themselves and their advertisers. Even the pols they respect have to be watched closely for signs of incipient complicity in the disgrace of incrementally fixing what’s wrong with government rather than burning the whole thing down and starting over.

So go ahead and follow Sarah Palin. Let’s put the Senate on Cruz control. Let’s shame those squishes to the firing line. Filibuster the bill. Let Harry Reid pull it off the Senate floor. Shut down the government. I think you’ll find the Democrats you expected to yield to the persuasive power of your kamikaze tactics are only too happy to test your resolve.

Where are the Villagers of Democratic mindset, speaking their minds out in the Village Square, against the rabble with all the hate-based Megaphones?

Where are the natives of a Nation, who should be restless and fed-up with all these Tea Party Gridlock-Games, after so many stuck-in-neutral, damn-the-citizens years ...

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