In my town yesterday a 37 year old man decided to get high on Heroin. That act alone
does not speak well for him in so many areas. One act of his removes him as a member
of civilized society. He gave heroin to his 4 year old son. The mom of the boy came home and had no idea if the Dad or the little boy were even alive. As of last night the boy was alive.
  In Washington State it would be possible for the animal of a father to get his rights back. Social workers in our state have hundreds of cases to watch over and are under paid for the life decisions they must make daily.
Many have heard of the "Josh Powell" case. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't feel he didn't kill his wife with the help of his Dad. His Dad actually went to prison for taking
pictures of little children.
The murdered girls parents pleaded for custody of the two boys. They won. One day Josh was seeing his sons,He shoved away the case worker and blew the boys and himself
He had lost custody but not the rights to see his sons. That decision killed his kids.
Meth is big in Washington State and children are found all the time in the house where it is made.
A 7 year old was wandering the streets last night. ,until someone from a homeless camp got her help.
That little girl probably will go back to her folks,
Laws need changing here. Give drugs to your 4 year old,you loose custody until they have grown up.
If you are under investigation for killing your children you loose all visitation until you are cleared.
If you  have a mental illness you will be held just like a sex offender is until a Doctor says your safe for society.
My son would be fine on the streets if He was forced to live in a half way house and take his medications, and be searched everyday for guns.
A free Society has rules.


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