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U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, said today that if government shuts down he will not take his pay for the duration and instead donate it to local charities.

With the end of the fiscal year coming at the end of the day Monday, the federal government faces a shutdown if Congress can’t agree on a way to pass at least a stopgap measure to keep agencies operating.

Members of Congress would still be paid during a shutdown, even as other federal workers deemed nonessential across government would be sent home without pay.

“Michigan families work hard, and when they don’t go to work, they don’t get paid, and the same should hold for Congress,” Peters said. “For every day that Washington gridlock shuts down the government, I will donate my salary to charity.” - Detroit FreePress, 9/25/13

I don't doubt Peters' sincerity but I also have to point out that this is a good political move on his behalf.  Plus it's a reminder why next year is going to be important for our base to come out.  Especially if Peters is going up against her:


GOP candidate Terri Lynn Land is welcoming controversial super PAC money into her race to win Michigan's open Senate seat.

Land was recorded telling attendees that money raised by super PACs will be a resource in her campaign during a speech she gave last month at the Republican Women of Leelanau County Garden Party (see video above).

Land, who served as Michigan's secretary of state from 2003 to 2010, is expected to be the Republican front-runner for the vacant seat of retiring veteran Sen. Carl Levin, a Democrat. Land and her most likely opponent, U.S. Rep. Gary Peters (D-Bloomfield Township), are currently tied for the open Senate seat, according to a recent poll.

Land has considerable resources of her own to put toward the campaign -- financial disclosure forms filed by the candidate say she and her husband, Dan Hibna, have assets totaling at least $34 million.

"So, my husband and I, like I said, are committed to this. We're out on the road, we're raising money, it's going to take a lot of resources to do this," Lind says in the video, provided to The Huffington Post by a reader who attended the August party. "It's probably a $20 million campaign. But the reality is, we've got new folks out there who are raising money. That's the super PACs." - Huffington Post, 9/25/13

Yeah, that's what we're facing next year.  Please do consider getting involved and donating to Peters' Senate campaign:

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