So...exactly where do we send the bill to in Washington to reimburse us for the lost revenue in the financial markets as a result of the childish temper tantrums by Ted Cruz, John Boehner and their Republican co-conspirators in Washington?

As a result of Cruz wasting time and taxpayer dollars and a result of the deliberate intransigence by John Boehner and his Republican cronies in avoiding their responsibilities to pass budgets on time and to pay the bills that they previously enacted, this particular taxpayer, along with many millions of others, is going to lose money in the financial markets, which are now tanking because of governmental incompetence and inaction by the Republicans in Washington.

So...where do we send the bill for compensation? Boehner and Cruz and their fellow crooks have decided, deliberately, with malice aforethought, to needlessly create another Washington budget crisis, knowing that it will cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Am not sure what to call the Republicans' new tax on American citizens. Maybe John Boehner's Financial Showdown tax? Because, by all measures it's a tax. It is money taken out of the pockets of citizens by Washington politicians like Boehner and Cruz. They knew that it would happen and would cost taxpayer dollars. And they did it anyway. It's a tax. It's John Boehner's Financial Showdown Tax. It's the Republican Party's Financial Showdown Tax. Why is it the Republican Party's Financial Showdown Tax? Because Republicans are the ones who deliberately went about needlessly creating this crisis to begin with.

Unless or until the federal government reimburses us for this loss of money, it's a tax.

My retirement plan is tanking because of their childishness. It's gross negligence and incompetence on their part. Should we sue? How about a class action suit against Republicans in Congress? Maybe that will do it? Where do we sign up?

Here's a modest proposal: Congress must reimburse Americans for financial losses in the markets which are a direct result of Congress's inability and unwillingness to do its job and enact budget legislation on time. And it should, at least in part, be paid for from the salaries of the people doing this: Congress critters themselves. Their salaries should be docked and used to reimburse innocent Americans whose money they have decided to gamble with.

Are there any courageous members of Congress willing to introduce this bill in the Senate and House? Senator Merkley? Senator Warren? Senator Bernie Sanders? Anyone? Your nation awaits your courage to act on our behalf.

Originally posted to wdrath on Fri Sep 27, 2013 at 12:14 PM PDT.

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