After this week's endless silliness, we had just had enough.

 photo lalala_zps85f44967.jpg

We gave our view on things, but were mostly ignored.

 photo final_zps1f44e462.jpg

The bullies think they have the upper hand.

 photo shotgun_zpsa01c5802.jpg

But Karma could always save the day.

 photo law_zps47099678.jpg

And if that doesn't work, we have some plans of our own.

 photo creep_zps7a42bfb4.jpg

They know what we want.

 photo we_zpsc5a09e1f.jpg

And we have hidden our power for too long.

 photo nobody_zps643a3579.jpg

We will take the steps needed to make our presence known.

 photo security_zpsf67117ae.jpg

We have issued our warnings before.

 photo wokeup_zps115b1409.jpg

And our plans can be implemented at a moments notice.

 photo vomit_zpsc9561e9c.jpg

So if they want to see how we operate, we dare them to continue with their little plan.

 photo vengeance_zps35b36aef.jpg

They don't know just who they are dealing with.

 photo hand_zps960665f1.jpg

We are just waiting for that final indignity to push us over the edge.

 photo funny-cat-pictures-i-dont-care-what-kind-of-bird-you-are.jpg

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