Governor Chris Christie (R-Crispy Creme) has willingly let the media portray him as the 'moderate' Republican, an answer to the craziness that now is mainstream Republicanism.

However, his latest action betrays that premise.  From the President of the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In yet another egregious and outrageous action against survivors of law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency personnel killed in the line of duty, Governor Christie totally eliminated funding of the Survivor Tuition Benefits Program in the 2013-14 academic year.

Below is the history of the program and how the Governor's actions will impact survivors law enforcement officers and other other first responders throughout our State.

Fraternally yours,

Ed Brannigan

Don't be fooled by Chris Christie;  just because he can look Obama in the eye and not utter racist diatribes unlike his fellow Republicans doesn't mean he isn't a heartless jerk.


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