You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones

Tuesday September 29, 1903
Teller County, Colorado - Democratic Party of Teller County Censures the Military

The Democratic Party of Teller County held their convention last Saturday. Candidates for county offices were nominated, and a resolution regarding the military presence was adopted. The resolution reads in part:

Under the Democratic banner is the natural place for the common people. An object lesson is found at our threshold. The Democratic party gave the state [Governor] Orman, and the threatened trouble at Telluride and other places in the state was averted without bloodshed and in justice to operators and miners alike. The Republican party, aided by a few mercenary masqueraders in workingman's garb, gave the state a [Governor] Peabody, who, in a little over eight months, has called out the National guard twice to aid his plutocratic friends...

The Democratic party of Teller county, being in a position to know, hereby solemnly declares, for the benefit of those who have been misled by false statements sent broadcast, that this is, and has been a peaceable community: that the presence of the military was not necessary, and that the foulest sort of slander upon the good name of the district was resorted to in an attempt to justify the call to arms; that there have been no crimes committed here that the civil authorities have not been capable of handling, and we denounce the many acts of the military officers, who, in their recent martial display on the public streets and in the courts, have outraged public decency, and offended the dignity and intelligence of all fair-minded citizens.

The Cripple Creek Strike
-by Emma F Langdon
(Part I, 1st pub 1904)
NY, 1969

Monday September 29, 1913
Trinidad, Colorado - Mayor Dunlavy opposes petition asking for troops in strike zone.

Following the shooting of the company gunman, Bob Lee, Judge Northcutt began circulating a petition around Trinidad asking for troops to be sent into the strike zone. The petition is opposed by Mayor Dunlavy who called the request ridiculous and made this statement:

The only serious thing has been the shooting of Lee. The people here understand that well enough even if those in authority in Denver do not. So far as I can make out, and from everything I've heard, the companies have done more that might make trouble than the miners have up to date.
J. J. Abercrombie is an independent mine operator who states that it is all right with him should his miners go on strike. Regarding the death of Lee, he had this to say:
It seems to me that Bob Lee died from natural causes.
Out of the Depths
The Story of John R. Lawson, a Labor Leader

-by Barron B. Beshoar
(1st ed 1942)
CO, 1980

Photo from:
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Used here to represent company gunmen (gunthugs).


Sunday September 29, 2013
From The Times of India: Bangladesh garment factories agree to raise wages.

DHAKA: Bangladeshi garment factory owners promised on Sunday to raise wages for more than three million workers as soon as a government panel sets a figure, ending a weeklong violent protest.

The manufacturers said they would raise wages by as much as the panel decides, despite earlier insisting they cannot afford more than a 20 per cent increase on the existing minimum wage of $38 a month.

They made the announcement after holding talks late on Saturday with the leaders of more than 40 unions representing workers in 4,500 garment factories in Bangladesh, the world's second largest apparel maker after China.

Read full article here:

This is a developing story. Hope to have more news, with more labor sources tomorrow. Here is a good article posted at Global Research by Michelle Chen of Common Dreams:

Which Side Are You On?
    - Florence Reese and Natalie Merchant

The bosses ride big horses
While we walk in the mud.
Their banner is the dollar sign
While ours is striped with blood.

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