Okay.. blathering rage. Seen it all and..yawn


Rock their world - they've blown it and need to know what real non-negotiable solutions feel like.

Republicans whine that the President Obama refuses to negotiate. Pure crap. The President has tried to deal with these RWNJ fuckwits for years. But let’s have some seriously productive fun with it anyway

   ♦ no negotiating needed. End the debt ceiling altogether - permanently

   ♦ retrieve the version of the employer mandate the House passed in 2009(pdf). A mandate based on percentage of payroll and NOT number of employees. The negative incentives (to cut employee numbers and employee hours) are eliminated and big corporations/large business employers are re-established as the focus of the mandate which was the original idea.  
Or better yet scrap the employer mandate and institute the most cost efficient solution, Publicly Funded Medical Care for employees in its place. This would also speed up the transition away from employer based health insurance system

Companies no longer carry the outdated expense of providing health care. Employees are no longer chained to a job to receive medical security.

A win and a win

That's the new deal. Any more squawking from the right we add the progressive caucus higher marginal tax rate schedule on top of that.

 In fact why wait on that? Another of the republican false memes is that Dems have no Budget..a lie.


 ♦ end the sequester replacing it with the progressive caucus' budget. The spending levels and marginal tax rates amongst other provisions are mathematically sound fiscal solutions, with job creation being the central goal. Economic Policy Institute scored it a winner.  

 Yes there will be screeching that the Dems are being...whatever. But why this series of continuing resolutions when we have a Budget that works?

Will people blame the Dems? not if we stand firm and repeat the truth over & over and don't let up, that every one of these actions above will work. And the smarter than average (cough) republican/investors know it and fear a budget like the Progressive Caucus’ Budget taking hold  

And so what if pushing back hard raises more RWNJ hatred. The republicans will squall and lie anyway. it's time to ignore the GOP and take it to 11 and keep it there for as long as it takes.

This would floor everyone.. and Ted Cruz and any republican shysters like him? - lol - His status as the "maverick willing to take on the Washington elites" would disappear within moments of Dems exposing him and his type (Trump, Palin e.g.) as the carnival barkers no different than any other republican corpo shill that they are  

With Notes on the Political Train Wreck from Jared Bernstein @ CBPP | Sep 29, 2013 at 11:18 am

Democrats’ stature would skyrocket. People who are so disappointed with congress would love to see the Dems fighting & taking on the 1%ers/republicans - and upcoming elections? 2014 would be much higher turnout which strongly favors Dems,  another reason btw that republicans are hell bent on limiting peoples’ ability to actually vote - the higher the turnout the better typically lower turnout midterm elections are for Dems

That's the Deal


End of Rant -  thanks for listening - If you made it this far that is :)


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