Now is the time to attach a debt ceiling law repeal amendment to a Senate budget resolution.

Two main reasons:

1. The illogic and destructiveness of this law is being proved right now under the spotlight of national and international media.

2. Such attachment would NOT enable the false narrative that both "both sides" are conditioning core Congressional business on reopening legislatively defeated wish-lists,

because the debt ceiling repeal's message of

"no you cannot (now or in future) refuse to borrow
after you refused to tax
to pay for the spending that you approved"
is already the message of Democrats' refusal to allow a debt ceiling increasing vote to be held hostage to Republicans' demands.

The absurd breadth of the Republicans' recent hostage demands has created an opportunity where even many usual peddlers of the false-but-reflexive narrative are embarrassed to keep up the pretense.

More generally, this is a custom-made opportunity to start forcing Republicans to pay the political price for overreaches like their recent demands.  The media has proven that it will use every excuse and distraction to protect Republicans from paying this price, but as of this moment, on this issue,

there are no excuses, and
there is no bigger distraction than the risk or threat of destroying the "full faith and credit of the United States."

Mon Sep 30, 2013 at 1:23 AM PT: Title changed to emphasize that this diary intends to highlight the POLITICAL OPPORTUNITY, for Democratic Senators, which has resulted from the policy & political overreaching by Republican Representatives.

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