As when any literary award is announced, its reception is met with a range of responses and emotions.  I predict this announcement will be no exception.  And as in any contest. the contest officials hope there will be a single clear-cut winner to take the burden of close evaluation of the results off their shoulders.  I hoped in vain.

Before announcing the winner and recipient of the coveted prize -- a lifetime supply of disappointment with whatever that may be -- allow me to point out that there is abundant talent among you, that you are too clever by half, and that I even enjoyed being privately embarrassed by self when on one occasion I couldn't guess the riddle's answer even though I'd read the book.  How humiliating in the nicest way possible is that?

To all who submitted entries, thanks for playing.  I hope you had fun!  And now for the tough call. . .

Please turn the page.

The winner is. . .

by virtue of having her head lopped off by catte nappe's executive excision on the grounds of

declaring her ineligibile since she's practically a professional at the poetry stuff
NOT Cassandracarolina.

Okay, okay.  We'll all wait for the hisses and boos to die down before continuing.

I just want to make clear that I had no vote in this and the decision is based entirely on the tradition of Kossack acclaim indication -- call out and recs received.  So don't think there isn't a method to this madness that produced the result, which I'm prepared to reveal (as if you hadn't figured it out already) right now.

The winner is. . .

Khun David for this entry.

Gollum's literary haiku

The pools and rockses
are nice and cool, and gives us
sweet juicy fishes.

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S  !!!

All you have to do to claim your prize is send me your snail mail address in a private DK personal message, whereupon I will cull my very own bookshelf of various tree books and create a variety pack that will be lovingly assembled into a jumble and mailed directly to you in a timely fashion.

But what's the best part about this prize?  You pay no postage and handling!  That's right, Khun David, all you have to do to claim what's rightfully yours is sacrifice your precious privacy and actual identity to some unknown possible loon on the Intertubz who could just as easily mail you a python snatched from its bower in the Everglades as actual books that will take a lot more effort to pick and choose than whipping some ubiquitous specimen of snake out of her front yard.

I look forward to hearing from you.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.


NO! The Winner is NOT Khun David, the real winner is

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