Texas Senator and Canadian native Ted Cruz was for the bill to defund Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act before he filibusted — oops — faux-bustered against it.
Cruz pulled his fake filibuster overnight Tuesday night with the help of five other radical right-wing Republican Senators. Their fake-buster was a pathetic political joke demonstrating just how dysfunctional the US Congress is. With healthcare for 30 million people at stake and pre-existing conditions already outlawed by Obamacare, with healthcare inflation already leveling off because of Obamacare; a fraction, the super radical right-wing radical bunch, of Senators spent hours and hours speaking against a bill the Republican House had passed at their urging. What???? I can’t figure it out.

Does anyone other than me cringe at Cruz’s style of speaking — the very pregnant pauses, the fake sincerity, the fake populism honed at Harvard?

The radical right-wing Republican current lineup for the 2016 Presidential campaign bow and scrape sycophantically to their masters, the various iterations of the tea party phenomena. The tea party and the growing right-wing extremism of the Republican Party have twisted the governance of the United States into an unimaginable pretzel.

The sad irony is that the poorer elements of the tea party push the widening of wealth and income inequality.

With the rabid opposition to Obamacare and the ridiculous and pathetic pandering against national healthcare, I’m reminded of the silly signs in the early days of the tea party: “Government Hands Off My Healthcare.”

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