A guy named Rush is a college dropout. His mother says he flunked out. Rush found a job as  a D.J. spinning music until 1984 in Sacramento. That was the time when he got a chance to take over a talk radio show time slot which was held by Morton Downey.
The rest of this story is know to all , he has a contract which will pay him $400 million through 2016. He is the most listened to person on the radio. Millions make choices on voting from a college drop out who once played music for a living.
No Political insight from Rush, No anything but his opinion and that's good enough for millions.
Alex Jones was kicked off television and forced to start his own web location. 50,000 people  buy millions of dollars of items from his operations and listen to him lie about our President and people from outer space every month.
WIND is a radio station I think in the Chicago area. I am receiving 3 -4 e-mails a day warning of the coming collapse. I never heard of "Bill Frady" of the "Lock and Load" radio show,(I wonder what the show is about?) He found out the Government is buying up all the AK-47 rifles!!!!! Hide yours now people!!! Another man named "Oly"

 will teach even old men like me how to fight and buy the right food. Oly knows the real secret of what is behind our Presidents actions, The Government takeover of insurance is bad.
I have no idea how a civilian could find out our  African Presidents plan for us, but he says he has. I do need to send $49.95.
Gold will save us all and they at this station have folks who can sell it to us. Your paper money will be worthless in months.
I see huge numbers of people falling for this crap. The ratings for the left are always terrible compared to the right. If you want to be on our side, you have to THINK.
You have to want to read many points of view and listen to many points of view.
You have to believe that it does take a village to love and care for all.
We need a bombastic salesman on the left who has the sales ability to take Rush on.
The attention span of people is short. Lets hire someone who truly believes what we
do but  can beat the Republican media.
Things need changing in this country, Rush and his crowd have had the listening audience all to themselves. That has to stop.


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