Here's the Grytpype Plan to end the hostage drama:

Boehner wants to bring clean CR and debt ceiling bills to the floor, but he can't because the Teabags would take his speakership away.

That really is what the hostage taking is all about. It's Boehner's speakership being held hostage by Teabags, so no clean bill can be voted on.

So here's the way out:  the Dems could pledge a few votes to support Boehner as speaker, to make up for the loss of Teabag votes.  America is saved, Boehner's job is saved, the Teabags are isolated and powerless, everyone wins except the weird old racists.

This would put an end to the current hostage drama and pave the way for bipartisan, non-Teabag legislative solutions going forward.  

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