Newly-elected U.S. Senate Republican Whip Trent Lott (R-MS) remains silent among a throng of reporters after the new Republican Party Senate leadership presented themselves following secret voting on Capitol Hill in Washington November 15, 2006. Lott resigned as House majority leader in 2002 during a controversy over remarks that were seen as racially insensitive. REUTERS/Jason Reed
Even old Republican assholes can't stand today's Ted Cruz-led GOP.
More civil war:
"I'm of two minds," Lott said. "I'd like to be in the arena and help work something out. But it's gotten too nasty and too mean these days. I couldn't work with these guys."
When an asshole like Trent Lott shies away from the cesspool that is the GOP caucus, perhaps they've gone a teensy bit too far?
I asked Lott if his old GOP pals still serving in the Senate have lost control of their party. How do they feel about that? I inquired. Lott shook his head: "That Ted Cruz. They have to teach him something or cut his legs out from under him."
Everyone is so afraid, that a so-called "moderates revolt" in the House that was supposed to garner 20 votes ended up getting two. So yeah, no one is cutting Cruz's legs out from under him. At least not until we're closer to 2016, and Rand Paul is forced to act.

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