Ok, we have been looking forward to finally getting access to reasonably priced health insurance for my wife and I for years. We are self employed and own a small business. We currently pay $1,980 per month for decent medical, no dental or vision. With Dental, vision and out of pockets throughout the year our medical care runs about $30,000 per year, for the two of us.

Needless to say, we are very excited about Obamacare. We are in the camp that is upset with the new healthcare scheme, not because we do not want and need it but because it does not go far enough.

In a sane world we would have just expanded medicare to every citizen and made it a payroll deduction. But barring that piece of sane reasoning the ACA is a good first step.

The fact that the website does not work out of the box is a definite technical glitch which is actually inexcusable and very damaging from a public perspective and an undoubted negative Media avalanche that is about to fall on the program, which we did not need now.

Until the site gets fixed we will just have to wait but it would have been nice if the site worked out of the box :-(

8:16 AM PT: Update 11:15AM - After 3 hours of trying, still no joy :-(

1:11 PM PT: 4:10 - Still cannot get on to see rates or enroll :-(

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