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These are old photos and postcards from our family reunion album. All descendants of my great grandparents contributed all kinds of photos, correspondences,  important papers, etc.

My great grandparents were Swiss immigrants who first settled in Montana, then Canada, then Florida, where I'm originally from. My great grandmother had a brother and a sister who lived in New York. Her sister was married with two children, and the brother lived with them.  Census records show they lived in Manhattan.

As some of great grandma's children got older, they went to New York to work for a number of years. One great aunt worked in a brassiere factory. I know I saw her union card in the album somewhere, but I wasn't able to find it. I was told another great aunt was a diamond cutter.

I just find these old pictures of New York pretty interesting and hope you do, too. They are dated between 1919 and 1939.

 photo familygroupinnewyorkaugust19198_zpsd1283dfe.jpg
Family group. I'm not familiar with NY but I think that's the Queensboro Bridge?

 photo family1919_zps9f0b9e6b.jpeg
I have no idea what this rubble is.

 photo yvonneamplilyhirt1921_zpsdd1e4187.jpeg
Central Park fountain

 photo yvonneamplilyhirtincentralparknewyork1921_zps83aa050c.jpeg
Also Central Park

 photo ethelhirtspostcard1922front_zpsb6940722.jpg
Times Square postmarked 1922

 photo olgahirtspostcard1922front_zpse2e5f6b8.jpg
NY skyline also postmarked 1922.

 photo familyatrockawaybeachnewyork19375_zpsf552bc6c.jpg
Rockway Beach

 photo newyorkworldsfairjune271939_zpsaf02c6ae.jpeg
1939 World's Fair

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