Stating my case on the way to work.
I'm a federal worker, working for the Smithsonian as a new media producer. And like all federal workers we have been furloughed because Congress has not appropriated any funding for this new fiscal year. This morning we were supposed to go into work to clean up, create "out of office" emails, and close up shop.

It's often hard to describe what it's like working in Washington, DC. We are at the center of politics and everything that goes with it. It permeates our daily work lives. And, of course, these things don't always stay in your cubicle when you go home for the evening. So, I have been following the House goings-on with both a political eye, a creative eye, and a personal one. For the last three years I have been commenting on the rancor that is so prevalent in American political discourse through a series of remixed WWII propaganda posters under the guise of the Chamomile Tea Party. Last year, just before the election I bought ad space in the Metro and posted two of these posters.

But when I woke up this morning and found that the government couldn't get passed their politics I felt I had to do something more. I like thinking outside the box and I like to think I'm not your typical bureaucrat.

So, I wore this sign. As I walked to the Metro I got a few looks and the guy handing out newspapers at the subway entrance was the first to comment: "Nice poster," he said. Waiting for the train, I got a fistbump and on the train more comments of support. Every day we sit anonymously on the subway, not thinking too much of our fellow commuters. I felt a bit uncomfortable standing out. But it was of my own doing.

I just might wear this sign wherever I go during the government shutdown. Despite the bad rap Congress spouts about us Federal workers (as well as trolls on the net), we do a good job and love public service. I like to think that wearing this sign is a public service announcement.

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