Despite the best work of the Tea Party & a filibuster by Sen. Ted Cruz, Cheers & Jeers is still up & running! In a surprising twist, none of the Republicans seemed to have the proper Voter ID to cast their ballots here!

Efforts to shut down Cheers & Jeers, also known as Bill in Portland Maine-care, have continued. The latest Republican plan offer hostage scenario would provide funding for the National Park Service & the District of Columbia if Cheers & Jeers is permanently defunded!

That offer was met with strong DKos resistance. Cheers & Jeers spokesman Common Sense Mainer rejected the offer, stating that the GOP proposal, "shows the utter lack of seriousness that we're seeing from Republicans."

DKos founder Markos Moulitsas was quoted this morning saying that, "One of the eye-opening hallmarks of this latest Bill in Portland Maine-care shutdown battle has been the steely resolve of the Cheers & Jeers fans. It threatens to bring tears to my eyes."

Members of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, also known as us, banded together six years ago to deem C&J as an essential DKos government service! We like to think that we lead the GOP House in jobs created, 1-0!

Bill's comedic writing is a great change of pace from the news out of Washington. It helps many of us get through the day. And let's face it, there's no shortage of comedic targets in D.C! Since Bill has lots of material available, let's donate to keep him busy! Even if you're not a regular visitor to C&J, please support our community effort to fund this excellent content for the site!

As tonight's Cheers & Jeers Speaker of the Kiddie Pool, I've put together a clean Continuing Resolution to fund Cheers & Jeers & Bill for another year!

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Thanks so much for your support! And thanks to Bill for keeping up the outstanding work!

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