After refusing to go to conference with the Senate on the budget for five months now, the House GOP decided late last night that it wanted to pretend to want to go to conference. Disingenuous? Yes. Meaningless? Yes. But that's the GOP for you.

The party released the following image to show that they had "no negotiating partner" for the budget conference.

A conference room table filled on one side with old affluent white men in dress pants and ties who want to throw 6 million people off food stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), who would rather shut down the government than see low-income Americans get subsidies for health insurance and who have repeatedly sought to block the expansion of coverage, who seek to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from protecting public health and addressing the threat of climate change, who want to expand drilling for fossil fuels as much as possible (Planet and future generations be damned!), and who have sought to destroy Medicaid and CHIP and the guarantee embodied in Medicare.

Isn't that what a death panel looks like?

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