I know the shutdown is primarily about the House, but I found this development interesting. Cross-posted from BlueNC.

Received a call from my Dad this evening. He mentioned that he tried to email Richard Burr's office this evening but the website had all but shuttered. I checked it out, and sure enough, it's still basically nonfunctional. There is a message about the shutdown, a phone number, and his D.C. mailing address, but that's it.

At first I thought this seemed extreme but reasonable. The staff is probably pretty thin and maybe they are all doing this. Then I checked out Kay Hagan's website and guess what? Fully functional, email and everything.

Normally I would think pointing something like this out would be nitpicking. But in this case, Republicans have been insisting that they are shutting down the government (at least when they aren't insisting that Democrats have shut down the government) because the people hate Obamacare and they are doing the will of the people.

If that is the case, why would you shut down the easiest (and I would guess most widely used) avenue that people utilize to contact you? Could it be because you don't want to actually hear what people say rather than what you think they would say?

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