The Dallas Morning News posted an editorial entitled, "Cruz on course to self destruct". You can read it in its entirety here:  http://www.dallasnews.com/...

This editorial appeared at 10:14 pm (CDT), on Monday, September 30, 2013, just minutes before the start of the Shutdown, when it was painfully apparent to everyone that the House Republicans weren't going to pass a "clean" CR.

The Author of the Signed Editorial, William McKenzie, has for years been the primary editorial writer for the Dallas Morning News.  There is no one in this country with purer or stronger conservative credentials.

The editorial is noteworthy because it attacks Texas Senator Ted Cruz and the Tea Party. Here is the warning shot:

Cruz is getting closer to becoming the textbook example of what a senator should not be. “Pulling a Cruz” may become shorthand for how not to govern. If he does self-destruct, which is where I think he is headed, our politics may have turned a corner.
Below the fold see McKenzie and the DMN fire for effect.

McKenzie praises Senators John McCain of Arizona, Bob Corker of Tennessee, and John Cornyn of Texas for pushing back against Cruz's bullying tactics.  And then he takes direct aim at the Tea Party.

Some Republicans are starting to encircle a bully — one of the most encouraging developments on Capitol Hill in some time.

Of course, the tea party faithful do not see it that way. They like Cruz’s singular approach to governing. And they are drawing strength from seeing their lion whipped back. They feel emboldened.

But the tea party is not necessarily one and the same with the GOP. Sooner than later, limited-government Republicans need a confrontational moment like this with the tea party.

What McKenzie has written serves as a call to arms for rational Republicans to do battle with the Tea Party for dominance. Bear in mind that the Dallas Morning News Editorial Page is the voice of the ruling, white oligarchy in Texas.

In an excellent diary entitled "For America to Survive, the Republican Party must Die" http://www.dailykos.com/...    Delaware Dem foresees this behavior as leading to and necessary for the ruination of the Republican Party. To quote briefly:

Such a path would effectively split the current Republican Party into the two parties it actually has been for the last four years: 1) the normal Reagan-Dole-Bush party that is conservative but also interested in actually governing, and 2) the Sarah Palin-Michelle Bachmann-Steven King-Ted Cruz fascist party that is not at all interested in governing. The Tea Party would then officially become a third party, and perhaps the most successful third party ever, since they will have 30 House members and 10 Senators.  
Such a split would not stay confined to the Congress.  The party would split officially and completely nationwide.  

That is what is needed for America to survive.  The destruction of the Republican Party into its two component factions.

The rupture is coming, but only if Senate Democrats and the President hold very firmly to the policy of not negotiating with terrorists. We can and should help our Democratic leaders hold firm by constant encouragement and approval of their steadfastness, and by constant harassment of Republican Members of Congress so that they know they own this crisis and are going to face vengeful retribution in the 2014 elections.

8:35 AM PT: Great news and insight from TomP in his diary: Wall Street, Chamber of Commerce Turning on GOP Extremists"

Call your Senators and Representatives.  If Dems, implore them to hold firm on a clean CR or nothing.  No piecemeal funding for pet projects or National Parks that will let the political terrorists get the upper hand.

If, like me, your Representative is trying to undermine our Democracy, give them a taste of your fury.

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