Trial Court

"No one who has had the slightest experience with child sexual abuse or given a whit of thought to the dynamics could conclude that failure to make a prompt complaint, standing alone, is an accurate indicia of fabrication."

Superior Court

We agree, completely, with the trial court’s reasoning. The trial court properly instructed the jury. Accordingly, Sandusky’s argument fails. Judgment of sentence affirmed.

Justice Re-affirmed

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania today ruled against Jerry Sandusky's request for a new trial.  May we all now take a collective sigh of relief, as it appears that justice continues to prevail for these brave young men.

Regarding delayed reporting, the three judges went on to say:

The practical reality is that the standard prompt complaint charge does not take into account the complex and myriad factors that might cause a child victim to delay in reporting an assault, or in comprehending the long-term significance of the assault, or even a child’s motivation to protect the person who assaulted them.
It appears that the true effects of child sexual abuse on victims is beginning to be understood.   Today is a good day.

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