Short of a constitutional amendment, the best way to counter Citizens United is internecine warfare between the moneybags of the GOP.  And it's about to happen.

Concerned, the Chamber of Commerce is preparing to participate in political primaries, protecting friendly lawmakers from conservative challengers. "Clearly we're getting to a point where we need a Congress that's going to be productive, proactive and create a stable environment for economic growth and job creation," said Scott Reed, a Republican political consultant who is advising the chamber on its strategy.
If the Chamber follows through, we could see several dozen GOP primaries in 2014 with the sawbucks of the Chamber up against the moolah from the Club for Growth.  Or the Kochs.  Or Adelson.  The more money they have to spend protecting their turf in the primaries, the better for us.  Maybe it means donor fatigue by fall for the GOP; just as likely, it means GOP voter fatigue.  

The only solution for the GOP is a quick resolution to the shutdown and the debt limit, followed by a show of bipartisanship.  Maybe we get the first two, but I don't think the GOP leadership can accomplish the third.  Prior to just now, the moneyed interests have been careful not to step too much on each other, though the disagreements were there.  This may be the moment that splits the bucks and pits millions against millions in all-out war for control of the Republican Party.

The only truly happy people on their side are going to be their campaign consultants; but the happiest people of all will be the owners of media outlets.  There will be days when you can't find the obituaries in the paper for all the incendiary political ads.

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