In Kitsap County, Washington, where Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bangor Sub Base, and Keyport Support Facilities is located, local banks are trying to be a stopgap support for the Military personnel who make up close to 1/3 of the total population.
  Navy Federal Credit Union is covering direct deposits of the 15 October paychecks for active duty members and USAA will offer no-interest payroll advance loans to military members. Both also offer assistance for civilian members.
  PSNS just recently had an article in the paper about getting ready to hire over 1, 300 new employees. That is now on hold indefinitely.
  Statewide commissaries for the military are going to close today after efforts to reduce the amount of perishables such as meat, dairy and produce. Exchanges, which don't rely on taxpayer dollars, will remain open.
  Also, in an ironic twist, Washington Employment Security Services, which are 87% federally funded are sending out temporary layoff notices to its own workers which will take effect next Tuesday, the 8th.
  Since the first week of unemployment is unpaid, the office is encouraging people to apply as soon as possible. Also ironic, is the problem most furloughed workers face when applying for unemployment. Do they apply in the hopes that the shutdown will be over before their benefits show up or do they try to apply with a "standby" proviso that requires a definite return-to-work date? These problems require a case-by-case analysis and with fewer workers in each office due to the shutdown many more problems are on the horizon.
  Local food banks, which are already stressed are trying to take up the slack by asking for donations. And it will only get worse as more time goes on.

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