Welcome to Thursday Coffee Hour. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. I just got back from bringing my brother out here from California. Reid is totally disabled with severe diabetes and M.S. We are the victims of a massive fraud.

We contracted with American Moving and Storage a.k.a. Duntara Moving and Storage out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We could find little about them but nothing really bad. They claimed to be a mover with their own trucks. They sent me a binding agreement by email for $2,256.86 that I agreed to. I put down a $600.00 deposit. They were a day late picking up and as I went down to throw some trash away I realized Reid’s stuff had been loaded into an Enterprise rental van as I saw it pull away. They were supposed to weigh it and get me proof of weight. No one including the police who I called on this end at delivery has ever seen that proof of weight. I had to put $2,094.00 on my credit card before they would put the possessions on a truck to North Carolina.

They day before delivery I received a threatening phone call ordering me to have cash or a non-traceable Postal Money order for an additional $2,094.00 or Reid’s possessions would be dumped and they would move on. I finally got an agreement for a Cashier’s check that I had made out under both names.

Reid’s possessions were trashed. We haven't started unpacking but what we have shows breakage that will be in the thousands. The possessions were delivered by a Southcoast Carriers who have a horrible reputation. The Bill of Lading I signed was altered after I signed it with the new prices. They claimed they packed and unpacked however I have a written affidavit from the people who packed and photographic proof that they never unpacked.

So far I have filed a fraud report with the Department of Transportation, a suggestion that taxes are not being paid on the cash and non-traceable money orders with the Internal Revenue Service, a fraud complaint with the Better Business Bureau, a fraud complaint with my credit card company who called their actions blackmail and reversed the charge, a letter to my Senator Kay Hagan, a letter to the local newspaper and television station. Where else can I turn to and can anyone here give me a hand in fighting these people?

This whole mess has stressed Reid out and has kicked his M.S. into high gear. He has been in enormous pain. I am having severe migraines from all of this. Please Kossacks give me a hand.

My disabled brother Reid Wilson.
My disabled brother, Reid Wilson.
The destroyed large screen television.
The destroyed big screen television that was in perfect shape before it was moved.
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