America will never agree on health reform, but I believe that debate on these issues should be encouraged. People post their political views on social media, news articles, and blogs—many of which are slanted one way or another. Check out this neutral, anonymous platform for people to express their thoughts about Obamacare and read others' opinions about it.

Here are some of the most politically charged statements we've gotten so far. Clearly, both sides have strong opinions. We want to hear yours!

Check out some more things our users have said:

“I hate Obamacare because We are supposed to pay for everyone for everything! I'm sick of it. My husband and I are going on the dole. ”

“I love Obamacare because It relies on the free market, yet ensures quality medical care for all. ”

“I hate Obamacare because Iam being punished for having to good of unsurance. Piss off OBAMA ”

“I love Obamacare because more centralized data aggregation means better health outcomes for all Americans ”

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