US Capitol in lockdown after reports of shots fired - @NBCNews; follow updates: http://t.co/...
Details are sketchy and we'll update as information becomes available.

11:35 AM PT:

Reports of US Capitol police officers injured


11:36 AM PT: Not verified, but if true ...

Capitol Police responding to shooting incident are working without pay today.


11:40 AM PT: Some updates:

  • Capitol is on lockdown
  • House and Senate in recess
  • At least one Capitol Police has been confirmed injured

11:42 AM PT: Via the New York Times:

“Gunshots have been reported on Capitol Hill requiring staff in all Senate Office Buildings to immediately shelter in place,” read an email sent out my Capitol Police. “Close, lock and stay away from external doors and windows. Take annunciators, emergency supply kits and escape hoods; and move to your office’s assigned shelter in place location or the innermost part of the office away from external doors or windows.”

11:51 AM PT (Jed Lewison): According to Fox, the incident did not begin on the Capitol grounds and was the result of a high-speed chase that ended up on the Capitol grounds.

11:53 AM PT (Jed Lewison): NBC's Pete Williams says the chase began at the White House.

11:58 AM PT (Jed Lewison): More from Williams: "The crisis is over, in the sense that there is no longer an active shooter." He says the incident began at the White House, and ended with shooting at the Capitol.

12:01 PM PT (Jed Lewison): The shelter-in-place order has been lifted at the U.S. Capitol. There are reports that a female suspect is dead, but there is also a report of a suspect in custody.

12:06 PM PT (Jed Lewison):
http://t.co/... MT @sinderbrand: Secret Service confirms that car slammed into the south side W.H. gate, fled to Capitol.

12:08 PM PT (Jed Lewison):
Bill Plante reports suspect was shot by Secret Service; Capitol Police officer injured in the incident, but unclear how


12:10 PM PT (Jed Lewison): Pete Williams says a female drive tried to ram a security check point at the White House, was chased by Secret Service, and the shooting took place outside the Hart Senate Office Building at 1st and Constitution.

12:13 PM PT (Jed Lewison): An eyewitness told Politico that there was a child in the car.

12:16 PM PT (Jed Lewison): The House will return to its regularly scheduled shutdown duty at 3:30 PM ET.

12:23 PM PT (Jed Lewison): Fox reports the suspect is alive, and that it's unclear whether she began shooting or not.

12:23 PM PT (Jed Lewison): I said above that Fox reports the suspect is alive, which is what they are saying, but also that she is in custody.

12:25 PM PT (Jed Lewison): Pete Wllliams says there is no information on motive and that he doesn't have any information on whether she is alive or dead, but believes that she was shot and is in custody.

12:30 PM PT (Jed Lewison):
things are simultaneously refuted  and confirmed from major news outlets in my stream. #justwait

12:38 PM PT (Jed Lewison): In a media update, Capitol Police say "shots were potentially fired" which adds to the question of whether the suspect fired any shots. The Capitol Police also say there's "no indication" of terrorism. "We still believe there was a child in the car." The briefer says "we have no indication" of the status of the person in the car. "As far as we know, no office has been shot."

12:41 PM PT (Jed Lewison): Fox says the Senate Sergeant at Arms says it isn't clear whether the female suspect was armed, though she was shot.

1:07 PM PT (Jed Lewison):
All the shots came from law enforcement, reports @DebFeyerickCNN. #TheLead

1:22 PM PT (Jed Lewison): Both NBC and Fox says the suspect is dead.

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